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Years ago a friend told me, “Shannon, you can see the beauty in ANYTHING!” I don’t know if she meant it as a compliment at the time but I sure took it as one! I guess I was gifted with the ability to look past the “ugly” in everything. When I find an unwanted item I don’t see what is broken or worn, I instantly get an image of what it COULD be! That mental image is what keeps me going during the tough projects. Watching the item transform in front of me is exciting and pushes me to finish.

I love to work on pieces that “show” they have been loved. The more dented and scratched the better! Each one of those marks represent a part of its’ own story. I am always careful not to erase all that history. My hope is once I bring a piece of furniture back to life I’m just giving it a few more chapters to share with someone else.


I am completely self taught as far as furniture repair and refinishing. It all started back in my days as a single mom. I wasn’t financially able to buy a lot of new things so I fixed what I had and made what I didn’t have. Although at the time it was frustrating I am beyond grateful for the experience now. I honestly think our best lessons are learned from the mistakes we make and I sure made some! I still doubt myself sometimes and will always be my own worst critic. I guess that’s just a part of my creative process some of us have to go through.

When I’m not working on furniture for my clients I am busy creating one of a kind decor pieces. I believe our homes should have some personality. Try to make it interesting with that one piece that will have people asking questions! Whether it’s an old army cot coffee table or a headboard made from hundreds of birch tree slices, you should always have fun when you decorate your space!

I am definitely my happy place right now. It took a few giant leaps of faith to get here and to say I was scared would be the understatement of the century! I couldn’t imagine anyone trusting me with their furniture and family heirlooms…….but here I am. The smiles on my clients faces let me know I am exactly where I should be. They always thank me but really I should be thanking them for allowing me to do what I love.


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