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At some point in life, someone will ask you a question that will make you stop and think for a lot longer than you were expecting to. That’s how I felt when David asked me to write an article about what empowers me for his “Women With Power” blogging series (which, by the way, I’m super stoked to be part of).

When I think about the things that make my creative brain tick, there are lots of relevant thoughts that arise. First, I think about my habits. For instance, when I walk into a store and see something I like, my initial thought is always, “I can totally make this myself”. Then I think about the ability I have to see the potential in everything. If I find a chair or a pallet  on the side of the road, I’m the first person to pull over, try to shove it in the back of my Fiat 500, and take it home to give it new meaning. Another thing that comes to mind is the satisfaction I get from creating something with my own two hands. There are few feelings in the world like the one you get from staring at a project you made with some tools and your imagination.


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So, in all of this, and in pulling the pieces of my scattered brain together, I realized I am empowered by one common goal: thinking positively. Now, as a yoga teacher and a psychologist, it’s often my goal to tell people to shift their mindset and think about the positives. So, yes, I realize how annoying is sounds to hear a free-spirited yoga instructor say, “positivity empowers me”. But, let me explain!

In any situation in which I am feeling inspired, it is because I am telling myself that “I can do it”. When I look at something in the store that I like, the idea of me making it stems from the fact that I think the object is beautiful and that I harbor the skills it requires to try to replicate those results. When I find a piece of furniture on the side of the road that I so happen to stop and pick up, it’s because I see it’s potential and I want to save it from the trash. The same thing goes for the times when I look at the things I’ve built with my own two hands. I use that positive energy, the good feeling I get from reminding myself “I built that” to create other things.


In all of this, there is obviously a lesson that I’m going to pass on to you. That lesson is to see the positives in all of life’s situations. When you begin to change your thinking from, “this sucks” to, “this could seriously rock” you start to open your mind to possibilities that were never there before. Try this – next time you see something that makes you stop and look in the window of an antique shop, or on the curb waiting for the trash collector, think of two things you could do with your own two hands that could make that item come to life in a new way. When you start seeing the potential in your environment, you start to also realize the potential in yourself.

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  1. I love your outlook, Sam! I am also a yoga instructor, always see things that I say I could totally make that and see the beauty in what others see as trash. In terms of creativity, I honestly hadn’t thought of it as positivity and in an I can do this sort of way. Reading this just really made my morning and has given me some real food for thought! I am now going to tackle those projects I’ve always wanted to try with a positive view. Thank you Sam and thank you David for hosting this Women with Power series. It has given me so much inspiration.

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