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What do you do when David Sheinkopf, one of your favorite hosts and carpenter on HGTV, comes knocking via IG to share your thoughts on design inspiration for his Women With Power blog series? Yell, jump up and down, tell your family and friends, panic? Why, yes, all of the above!

Design, or redesign, has always been a part of my life. As a child, I rearranged my bedroom furniture countless times. When I realized my two sets of closets weren’t being fully used, I made my Dad remove one set of closet doors and turned the space into a built-in desk area and, later, a built-in bed. I always say if HGTV had been on during the years I was growing up, my career path would have been very well established. But HGTV wasn’t, and I took a few twists and turns and earned a degree or two in other disciplines–but when my first love of decorating and design started calling me back, I answered!

Power to me is doing what you love to do even when others don’t see your vision or believe it’s practical. Power is taking a chance on yourself, knowing you may fly or fail but that you’ll be glad that you tried either way.

Our home is small, not tiny; thanks to HGTV, I now know the difference. I have a rule of thumb with items I bring in our home: (a) I must love the piece, and (b) the piece must be dual purpose or be able to go into more than one room.

One design element that I try and incorporate into both my home and those of clients alike is some sort of woodwork. Whether crown molding, board-and-batten, bead-board, or shiplap, I absolutely love how using one or more of these features just transforms a space for very little money. If you’re afraid of a whole room of shiplap or board and batten, I say just go for one wall, and you’ll be just as pleased!

Power is using what you have to the best of your ability and getting results you never dreamed possible.

Sometimes we wait till we have enough money for a remodel, or for our dream home to get its dream kitchen. I’ve been there. I was waiting for all the stars to align to have my dream kitchen. The whole kitchen, down to the last awesome detail, including my farmhouse sink, was done–in my mind. Fellow decorators and dreamers know exactly what I’m talking about. But there was always something that preventing the dream project from beginning. You know what I did? I used what we had. The only other things I needed were paint, a brush, and some faux brick and bead-board–a project costing only a few hundred dollars compared to tens of thousands. And you know what? We love it–from dark and dreary to light and bright!

Don’t let money, people’s opinions, or self-doubt stop you from going for your dreams. . .now, that’s POWER.

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