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Growing up, I spent my Friday nights at the auction house with my mom, hunting for treasures to decorate our home. Wide-eyed, I’d sit still as a statue and try to translate the “foreign language” the auctioneer was rattling off and my mom magically understood. It was fascinating. At the time, I couldn’t see the lessons she was instilling in me. . .cult seasons of my life.

In 2009, my husband and I were both laid off on the same day. We had a new baby and suddenly found ourselves losing sleep over things we’d never imagined we’d have to worry about. As everything seemed to crumble around us, my life, and how I viewed what mattered most, literally changed before my eyes. And as a result, I found my passion and talent for reimagining forgotten items and transforming them into home decor.

You’ll rarely find me at a retail store. Rather, my Saturdays are spent wandering through garage sales, barn sales, and thrift stores. I adore loved pieces and naturally gravitate towards those that are cracked, rusty, broken, and chipped—all of which tell a story. My creativity soars when I embrace the beauty in the flaws of things and celebrate them rather than covering them up.

I speak through my home decor. It is my voice and a true reflection of who I am. I suppose you could say it’s like “Wearing your heart on your sleeve.” My decor style is not perfect. In fact, I lovingly refer to it as perfectly imperfect.


With open arms, I welcome pieces into my home with history and traces of love written all over them. I enjoy weaving old and new seamlessly together to create a look and feel that are unique and unexpected.


My style is collected and authentic with a touch of sentiment and a solid base of love, family, and dreams.


I delight in looking at a piece and instantly being taken back to a moment in time that brings a smile to my face and happiness to my heart.


What empowers me? I embrace my unique perspective and celebrate what sets me apart rather than comparing myself to others. I follow MY arrow, dream MY dreams, and work hard to turn those dreams into MY reality. I am proud of who I am and embrace all the qualities that make me stand out amongst a crowd. I like being different and creating my own path instead of following the crowd. To me, that is empowerment.

To learn more about Shannon, please visit her Instagram account @aninspirednest.

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