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In my mind there are two types of people.  There are ones that walk into a run-down shack and tremble at the thought of such an undertaking. Then there are others that are giddy at that shack’s potential. (Granted there are varying degrees of disgust and elation.) Regardless, I tend to be at the high end of the latter. Don’t get me wrong–I am in no way saying I am an unrealistic optimist. In all actuality my closest friends would probably tell you I can be charmingly cynical. However, the pattern I have noticed throughout my life is this. . .I love a challenge, I am oddly competitive, and I don’t like to fail.

Sure, the final drafts of my posts are clear, concise, and instructive, but you don’t see the brain-wracking, space- staring, sleep-losing behind the scene’s footage. There are days that my husband will come and check on me in my shop.  I will be sitting atop my workbench, staring blankly at my task. . . . A few hours later, he will return and I will be sitting in the same spot, staring blankly at the same piece of furniture. I could slap a coat of paint on it (and let it dry) in the same amount of time and call it “good.” But in the time I work through the entire project in my mind, I am trying to take it one step further.

Those behind-the-scenes hours, days, sometimes weeks, really drive me. It’s all about the challenge!

Once I have a clear kinda-sort-of-ish plan, I dive in unabashed and head first. Just stand back and hand me a hammer, because it’s about to get real, and sawdust is gonna fly!

I am not going to lie–there are many, many, many times it would be easiest to scrap a project and move on, but there is something inside of me that just can’t! I hate to fail. I was once asked to share some of my biggest “project fails” in an interview. After thinking about it, I realized I didn’t have any projects that stood out to me as a “fail.” Believe me, I am not a narcissist, and I am absolutely capable of failing. But I have found that, when I realize an idea isn’t panning out and “failing,” I correct my course. I go back to the drawing board and change my execution. Honestly, some of my favorite projects turn out entirely different from what my original plan was, and that is okay!

So what empowers me? Honestly, my stubborn tenacity. In the famous words of Barney Stinson, “Challenge accepted!”

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