The Laundry Room Refresh

DIY pro David Sheinkopf gives this condo’s washed-out laundry room a modern facelift in this Laundry Room Refresh Makeover by adding attractive and ample storage.

How do you make a small space work?

My clients for this project were wonderful people with a few dogs and not a lot of space. Their condo didn’t have ample storage and their laundry room was not being utilized to its fullest potential.

Plus, it wasn’t as attractive as they wanted. My goal was to streamline their space. The rest of the condo had a modern look, so I wanted to use pieces that had the same flow and feel as the rest of the house.

The laundry room had decent bones to work with, but it was in need of some organization and storage as well as some beautifying. Here’s what I accomplished with items from big box stores and some know-how.

David Sheinkopf Laundry Room Refresh Before

David Sheinkopf Laundry Room Refresh After

1. Organization & Storage Solutions

The first task was finding items that were large enough to maximize the space to the left of the laundry machines, but not so large they became an obstacle when doing laundry. They’d been using the top of the washer and dryer to store the many items they used every week during the laundering process.

I thought of using a behind-the-door item, but I needed something that was solid enough to hold heavier items like laundry detergent and softener. I had never used shelf standards before and thought it was time to give them a chance.

While I liked the flexibility shelving systems gave, every piece had to be purchased as a separate item, so I had to make sure each part was necessary. I chose a rack style unit for holding all of the laundry supplies.

Using drywall anchors, I attached the frame to the wall. The storage containers were adjustable and movable without tools, so they were perfect for this application.

2. Open Shelving

My clients live by the water and wanted a place to put towels they could grab quickly on their way outside. I wanted to give them storage that could fit between the machines and the cabinets.

The tricky part: I didn’t want it to overhang the cabinets, so I opted for open shelving. I found shelves that adjusted in height, were removable and were exactly 12 inches deep (like the cabinets). Eureka!

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Using drywall anchors I attached the standards to the wall snugly and set the first shelf as low as I could go without interfering with the hoses. To stay symmetrical, I placed the next shelf at a height where there was an equal amount of space between them.

3. Hamper Sorting

Next, I tackled the area where the hamper stood by the water heater. I wanted to give them a different kind of hamper in which they could sort their clothes by colors, whites, dry clean items and so on.

In my mind I saw a wall-mounted unit, but I had limited side-to-side space to work with so opted for a unit that sat on the floor. It was from the same store I bought the organizer from, so the color was an exact match. It had deep mesh drawers and could be used to sort laundry or to store clean items. Either way, a win-win.

Using a rubber mallet, I put the unit together in a matter of minutes and was on to the next task.

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4. Water Heater

I wanted to hide the unsightly box and hoses of the water heater but in a way that still gave access to the space below. Even though the tankless water heater didn’t give off much heat and was vented, I didn’t want to fully enclose it.

Since a cabinet was out of the question in the space, I constructed a drapery system off of the ceiling. This helped with the look and didn’t restrict the airflow; plus, they could put the hamper they already owned behind the curtain if they wanted.

I found two panels with short rods that gave a nice gather since the area was small and had space off of the floor. I purchased four, three-inch long wall hooks and attached them snugly to the ceiling with drywall. This left enough space for the heater and room for the stand-alone sorter. Then, I placed the curtain rods in place and hung the curtains to finish the look.

5. Utility Items

I needed to find a place to put items that were regularly needed but were not left out in the open. The area behind the door was my only shot.

I didn’t want to block access to the electrical panel, but I wanted to use the space. So, I found a great broom and mop organizer that had hooks and could be attached to the door with screws.

I also had seen a bunch of random items that would be better hidden, so I added a few canvas baskets that could fit on top of the cabinets. These helped tidy up the area and organize their belongings.

6. Artwork

The last thing I wanted to do was find some artwork to make the laundry room beautiful. I decided to shop within the house and found a perfect piece they’d purchased but hadn’t figured out where to hang. It worked perfectly in the laundry room!

Total amount spent on this laundry room challenge: $500.


David Sheinkopf's Laundry Room Remodel After

2 thoughts on “The Laundry Room Refresh”

  1. David, such a huge improvement with a low cost. Love what you did here for such a small space. I think people under estimate this room and that a lot of time is spent here so it should be a pleasant room. Nice!!

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